Project Highlights

Promotor:  AIDC Solar

Estimated Project Cost: TBC

Expected Delivery Model: PPP

Status: Feasibility study.

Project Background and Scope:

The AIDC was set up specifically to manage the ASP which was viewed as a key economic infrastructure intervention of the Gauteng Provincial Government. The ASP is an Automotive supplier logistic node providing a value proposition to suppliers of the major original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in Gauteng by grouping different technologies, services and service providers in the same location to achieve economies of scale and  logistical coherence.

The ASP was established on 140 hectares of land which has 5 separate development land phases. Land under 1, 2, 3 and 5 are owned by AIDC. The AIDC has developed portions 1 and 2 with some remainders, Portions 3 and 5 have yet to be developed.