Gifa conducts feasibility studies on infrastructure projects and

optimal funding solutions and appropriate funding models

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Feasibility Studies

Fund Raising

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Due Diligence

Structured Finance

Our Mission

*To set up a central point of coordination for all strategic infrastructure projects in the province

*To identify bankable infrastructure projects through project filtration criteria and feasibility studies

*To explore various funding mix through research on local and international best practices in project finance

*To mobilise potential investors to support identified and approved infrastructure projects that are not funded through own Revenue Fund

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence in providing catalytic and innovative financing mechanisms for strategic infrastructure projects in Gauteng Province.

What We Do

Serves Gauteng departments and municipalities by supporting key infrastructure projects and ensuring their successful execution through partnerships and innovative financing solutions

Institutionalises alternative funding models for the provincial government

Preparation of high quality, viable projects to bankable state that are ready to attract financing from public and private sources

To date, the GIFA has developed a strong pipeline of projects in different phases of development, whose capital cost is estimated at close to ZAR 62 billion.

Provincial Departments

Local Government

Provincial & National Treasury

Private Banks

DFIs/ Agents/ Other Funds



Tshwane Municipality intends to embark on a project that aims to reduce waste-to-landfill, and generate approx. 88 MW of energy from all waste material generated from the municipal areas.
Ekurhuleni Alternative Waste Treatment Technology project is a solution to the challenges and aims to reduce waste to landfill and generate about 33 MW of energy
The project aims to create a one-stop shop, providing technical assistance and farmer support for agro-production, processing, logistics, marketing and training within the West Rand District Municipality.