About Us

We accelerate delivery of key infrastructure projects in support of Gauteng Employment Growth and Development Strategy (GEGDS) through project development, finance and partnerships.


  • Serves Gauteng departments and municipalities by supporting key infrastructure projects and ensuring their successful execution through partnerships and innovative financing solutions;
  • Institutionalises alternative funding models for the provincial government;
  • Preparation of high quality, viable projects to bankable state that are ready to attract financing from public and private sources .
  • To date, the GIFA has developed a strong pipeline of projects in different phases of development, whose capital cost is estimated at close to ZAR 62 billion.


  • To set up a central point of coordination for all strategic infrastructure projects in the province
  • To identify bankable infrastructure projects through project filtration criteria and feasibility studies
  • To explore various funding mix through research on local and international best practices in project finance
  • To mobilise potential investors to support identified and approved infrastructure projects that are not funded through own Revenue Fund & to monitor the implementation of infrastructure projects through successful contractual relationships between GPG departments and investors.


The GIFA is a centre of excellence that provides innovative financing solutions for key infrastructure projects in the province. The GIFA provides a one stop service to provincial departments, municipalities and agencies. Through high quality skills and expertise, the GIFA converts project concepts or ideas to bankable proposals that would attract funding from investor community locally and internationally


The values and principles that underpin the GIFA are predicated on the principles of Batho Pele and are:

Value Employees

We attract, motivate and retain talented people through career path, developing skills
and empowering our employees. We also help them perform at consistently high
levels by encouraging their professional and personal development. We reward their
performance, treat them fairly, equally and we aim to be an employer of choice

Honesty and Integrity

We will represent information transparently and truthfully, will honour our
commitments; firmly adhere to a code of moral and ethical principles and will display
professionalism in the workplace by being non-biased and objective

Service Excellence

We place high value on our stakeholders and strive to meet their expectations and
requirements by offering consistently good customer service, in both roles of support
and / or oversight


We align, collaborate and communicate within and across the business units to meet
the needs of our customers/stakeholders. We are committed to information and
knowledge sharing

Respect and Dignity

We will treat others with sensitivity, respect and have consideration for their uniqueness
and personality differences and act within the law


We take full responsibility and ownership of our actions, by not passing the buck. We
will have a positive, professional and productive approach to our work




The GIFA is established as a government component in terms of section 7(5)(d) of the Public Service Act, 1994 following the President’s Proclamation No. 69 of 2014 (Government Gazette No. 38088), within the portfolio of the MEC responsible for Finance in the Province with effect from 17 October 2014
The Premier of Gauteng Province proclaimed the Administration and Operations of the GIFA in the General Notice that was published on 13 July 2015 in the Provincial Gazette. PART 2 of the General Notice outlines the objectives, functions and powers of GIFA.In 2009 Exco approved the creation of the Gauteng Funding Agency (GFA) later known as GIFA with the following objectives:
– To support provincial departments and municipalities with planning, management and other technical
expertise to roll out infrastructure more efficiently and effectively;
– To address challenges around infrastructure delivery capacity and skills where it lacks in government;
– To facilitate and coordinate alternative funding means for key strategic economic infrastructure projects.
– To develop strategic social infrastructure projects for funding through the fiscus.

Organisational Structure

Management Team

CEO: Mr Oupa Seabi
CFO: Victor Molate

Senior Management

Dr. Isaac Salagae (Chief Director: Project Development)
Ms Marilyn Hamilton (Manager: Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation)
Mr Li-pei Huang (Manager: Project Finance)
Ms Liesel Lombard (Manager: PPP and Compliance)
Ms Diedre Londt (Head: Corporate Services)
Ms Tsakani Maluleke (Director: Human Resource and Auxiliary Services)
Mr Eamon Marias (Project Manager)
Ms Noxolo Mtembu (Project Manager)
Mr Vuyisile Mtembu (Senior Investment Analyst)
Mr Nathaniel Munetsi (Head: Structured Finance)
Mr Kemraj Ojageer (Head: Project Development)
Mr Lebogang Tladinyane (Head: Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation)

Communications Officer

Mr Aubrey Kitime (Head: Communications and Stakeholder Relations Management)

GIFA is fully fledged Government Component following publication of the General Notice 2269 of 2015 in the Government Gazette.