The values and principles that underpin the Gauteng Provincial Treasury are predicated on the principles of Batho Pele and are;

Value What it means
Value Employees We attract, motivate and retain talented people through career pathing, developing skills and empowering our employees. We also help them perform at consistently high levels by encouraging their professional and personal development. We reward their performance, treat them fairly, equally and we aim to be an employer of choice.
Honesty and Integrity We will represent information transparently and truthfully, will honour our commitments; firmly adhere to a code of moral and ethical principles and will display professionalism in the workplace by being non-biased and objective.
Service Excellence We place high value on our stakeholders and strive to meet their expectations and requirements by offering consistently good customer service, in both roles of support and / or oversight.
Team-work We align, collaborate and communicate within and across the business units to meet the needs of our customers/stakeholders. We are committed to information and knowledge sharing.
Respect and Dignity We will treat others with sensitivity, respect and have consideration for their uniqueness and personality differences and act within the law.
Accountability We take full responsibility and ownership of our actions, by not passing the buck. We will have a positive, professional and productive approach to our work.

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