Tshwane Agro-processing Hub

Estimated Project Cost: Client:ZAR 600 Million
Status:Feasibility Stage
Expected Delivery Model: Regulated PPP
Sector: Agriculture/Manufacturing

Project Background and Scope

The project involves the development of a Agro Processing hub in Tshwane.

The agro-processing industry is among the sectors identified by the National Development Plan (NDP) Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP), the New Growth Path, Gauteng Employment, Growth and Development Strategy (2009) and Gauteng Agricultural Development Strategy (2010) for its potential to spur growth and create jobs because of its strong linkage with the primary agricultural sector.

The proposed agro-processing facility will only focus on the food and beverage category as per International Standards Industrial Classification (ISIC,2013). The facility will include some value added services such as food laboratory, training centre and offices and make provision for nine food processing line opportunities. The food processing opportunities identified are i.e Powdering, Mixing and Packaging, Drying, Canning, Pastes, Juicing, Bottling, Dairy, Jam and Chutney.

Market testing will be conducted in the second half of 2017 to solicit appetite for potential developer/investors.

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