Kopanong Precinct Project

Estimated Project Cost: ZAR 7.8 billion
Status: Feasibility completed
Expected Delivery Model: Regulated PPP
Sector: Commercial Property
Project Status: In the Market

Project Background and Scope

The project involves the refurbishment of GPG owned buildings within the City of Johannesburg for government accommodation. The feasibility study has been completed. The project would be delivered as a regulated PPP, with the private sector expected to provide hard infrastructure, develop structured packing, offer maintenance and facilities management.

Progress is as follows

  • The project was registered as a PPP with National Treasury and the pre-feasibility study was conducted which allowed GIFA with permission from National Treasury to test the market through a RFQ.
  • Currently awaiting the TAI and TAII from National Treasury so we can issue the RFP to prequalified bidders.

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